The original Champaign Memorial Committee started with the efforts of Reverend Malcom Hooker in 1961. The sole purpose was to raise funds through contributions to equip and furnish the newly built County Nursing Home located on State Route 68 just south of Urbana. A total of $50,000 was raised by the time construction had been completed.
The first board members were: Rev. Malcomb Hooker,

Mark Francis,Maurice Botkin, Clyde Clark, Rev. Ruffin,

John Steinberger,Lowell Wickham and Melvin Miller.

The first few years were a struggle to raise funds to operate

and purchase necessary items and services needed to

benefit the residents. These included: a beauty parlor

where residents could have their hair cut and styled free of

charge, furniture, draperies, etc.

In 1974, Mrs. Norman of St Paris bequeathed the Champaign Memorial Committee $90,000 which was used to furnish the new 50-bed wing of the home. Many other generous donations also enabled the construction of the:

  • Chapel
  • Courtyards
  • Fencing around the property
  • Shelter House
  • And many other projects that enhanced the quality and comfort of life for the residents.

The board members always kept the residents’ needs their top priority.

When the nursing home was no longer self-sustaining, the county commissioners sold the property. By-laws prohibited the Memorial Committee from continuing their services to an organization that was no longer non-profit, thus forming the Champaign County Memorial Foundation.

The foundation now works with area agencies and groups by providing funding for programs and services that improve the quality of life for seniors throughout Champaign County, Ohio.​